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Early Intervention Program

The Early Intervention Program aims to target students at risk, by assisting instructors in following up on their referrals for student absenteeism, assessment of services needed, and helping students work out potential problems which might keep them from completing courses. An instructor can obtain referral forms from the Counseling Office. These forms should be turned in at Counseling Center for appropriate assessment and follow-up.

The students referred to this program will have the opportunity to participate in various mini workshops, presentations, and focus groups to assist in successfully reaching their academic and/or personal goals.

Early Intervention Program is also responsible for statistics regarding at-risk behavior, and is actively engaged in data collection to help give us a better sense of how we can assist our diverse population.

For more information, you may contact (670) 237-6785 or extension 6785, or stop by our office located in Building I adjacent to the NMC Snack Bar.

Early Intervention Form