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Health, Wellness & Prevention Program

The Health, Wellness and Prevention Program is offered by Counseling Programs and Services in cooperation with the various departments (Human Performance and Athletics, Social Sciences and Fine Arts, and Nursing Department) on campus, Private Sectors, CNMI Public Health Clinic and other community social service agencies.

HWPP is designed to educate and promote healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices through presentations, workshops and seminars.

Each semester in the NMC Student Center, various experts from the community conduct seminars on health, wellness and prevention-related issues of special interest to students. Topics include detection of potential health problems, preventive health care, nutrition, sanitation, birth control, protection from sexually transmitted diseases, awareness of the impacts tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs have on physical, emotional, and mental health.

The Program also provides individual and group activities such as stress-reducing relaxation, guided imagery, and assertiveness training. In addition, HW&PP co-sponsors annual social events which provide a pleasant, friendly, non-threatening atmosphere in which students and faculty can enjoy being healthy, happy and free of alcohol or other artificial stimulants.

Through HWPP, Counseling Programs & Services provides individual counseling for students who want help with alcohol or other drug-related problems. Students needing medical services are referred to the Commonwealth Health Center.

In addition, HWPP has a resource library of health and wellness pamphlets, videos, and videos of the semesters health and wellness presentations.

For more information, contact the Counseling Programs and Services at (670) 234-3690 ext. 1346 or stop by our office located in Building I adjacent to the NMC Snack Bar.