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Through the Office of Admissions, Records and Financial Aid-OARFA and Counseling, Programs & Services-CPS, students are assessed each term for their Grade Point Average-GPA to determine whether or not NMC’s minimum acceptable level has been met. Students who do not meet the minimum acceptable term GPA and/or cumulative GPA or fails to complete at least 67% of the total credits for that term are placed on academic probation. CPS further identifies students on academic probation due to both their term GPA and cumulative GPA levels as students at-risk for suspension. If an “at risk” student’s term GPA and cumulative GPA levels at the end of the probationary term are below the acceptable minimum, the student will be suspended for one full term. During the first term after readmission, the returning student must earn the minimum term GPA. Failure to do so will result in dismissal for one full academic year.

The purpose of the Probation/Suspension/Dismissal program is to ensure that all students are given the advantage of all services available in the student’s attempt to become academically successful.

Students placed on “at risk” status, academic suspension and academic dismissal are targeted by CPS to ensure that careful consideration is given to the needs of these students experiencing difficulty with academic work.

Services provided directly with students include, but are not limited to: Review of all notification letters regarding academic probation/suspension/dismissal; Careful examination of all policies and procedures surrounding probation/suspension/dismissal; Review of student’s academic records, including IDP and transcript; Assessment of both personal and institutional barriers to academic success; Composition of written plan of remedial action and a proposed course of study for the coming term; Goal-setting in academic, social and personal areas; Advocacy-based counseling; and Information/referrals to appropriate institutional or community support services as needed.