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University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities - UCEDD

Mission Statement

The NMC UCEDD Program is committed to the development of culturally complimentary outcomes while promoting equal opportunity, independence, productivity, promoting self-determination, and supporting an improved quality of life for people with developmental disabilities in their villages, the Commonwealth, and the world around us.

Our Goals and Responsibilities Here at UCEDD

Are to provide training, technical assistance, and information-sharing with the focus on building the capacity of the CNMI to fully include persons with developmental disabilities. We are an in-direct service provider, we collaborate and coordinate with all the agencies serving people with DD in the CNMI, Ex. NMPASI, DD Council, OVR etc, to assist them in their needs. The purpose of UCEDD programs remains concise to meet the dynamic needs of a group of people historically unserved and underserved in our country. With the advent and passage of a myriad of laws that ensure the basic and civil rights of people with special needs there became a need of ways to put these movements into actions, thus the UCEDD programs. Our program facilitates a consumer advisory committee and an annual work plan to direct the outreach, develop and implement our goals and objectives that lead our program. Some of the goals and programs we are operating at NMC through the UNiversity of Hawaii include the following:

Develop partnerships with local and regional UCE Programs / Establish and lead interagency collaboration with service agencies in the CNMI / Work with parents and consumer groups with support, training and empowerment efforts / Provide training for special education teachers / Work with NMC to develop degree and endorsement programs in critical need areas / Implement support opportunities by working with the TriAgency Group: CNMI DD Council, NMPASI and NMC UCEDD Program.

NMC-UCEDD has an awesome opportunity and privilege to support and empower wonderful individuals and this community-based program is very dynamic in its changing and progressive focus.

Thank you for giving me this oppurtunity to share these important UCEDD information, should you have any questions or need more information regarding UCEDD, please feel free to visit our office located in bldg. P next to the Human Resource office. or you could call one of our friendly program staff.

Other Associated Partners:

  1. Administration Developmental Disabilities-ADD
  2. Centers on Disability Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa
  3. Association of University Centers on Disabilities - AUCD
  4. Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

DD Network Partners:

  2. CNMI Council on Developmental Disabilities

Contact Information: