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Management Courses

MG 206 - Business Communications
3 credits. This course emphasizes the development of both oral and written skills for effective business communication. It covers memo writing, delivering speeches, and making presentations. It also covers practical skills when dealing with supervisors, peers, and subordinates within the office environment. English Placement Level: EN 101. (Offered: Fall/Spring)

MG 231 - Introduction to Business
3 credits. This course introduces the fundamentals of business organizations, their natures and opportunities. Case analysis and reviews of current international and local business issues provide an understanding of and appreciation for the “real” world of business. English Placement Level: EN 093/094. (Offered: Fall/Spring)

MG 232 - Introduction to Marketing
3 credits. This course covers the principles, practices, and concepts involved in the performance of business activities which direct the transfer of goods and the acquisition of services from producer to consumer or user, including the study of marketing functions and institutions, activities having to do with effecting change in ownership and possession of goods and services, and the study of applied economics relating to the creation of time, place, and possession utility. Prerequisite: MG 231. English Placement Level: EN 093/094. (Offered: Spring)

MG 234 - Introduction to Management
3 credits. This course is an overview of management theory that introduces students to various management styles, models, and concepts, and helps them to understand the roles and duties of managers in today’s businesses. Contemporary concepts of streamlined organizations, teamwork, and employee empowerment are emphasized, as well as more traditional hierarchical management methods and organizations. Prerequisite: MG 231. English Placement Level: EN 101. (Offered: Fall)

MG 251 - Business Law I
3 credits. This is an introductory course covering legal systems, risk management, torts, contract, agency, and consumer protection as applied to business professions and transactions. Critical thinking and practical application to the conduct of business in the CNMI and US are emphasized. English Placement Level: EN 202. Math Placement Level: None. (Offered: Spring)

MG 239 - Principles of Customer Service
3 credits. This course provides students with the basic concepts, techniques, and current trends in the customer service industry. Special areas of emphasis include problem solving, motivation, leadership, development of a customer service culture and strategy, creating customer service systems, coping with challenging customers, new customer service technologies, customer retention, and measuring customer satisfaction. English Placement Level: EN 101. Math Placement Level: None. (Offered: Fall)