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Languages & Humanities Department

Welcome to the Languages and Humanities Department

The NMC Languages and Humanities Department provides for the growing and diverse language needs of the CNMI, and also offers courses in humanities which emphasize critical thinking skills.

The Department offers courses in five areas:

  1. The English Language Institute (ELI) provides listening and speaking, reading and vocabulary, and writing and grammar classes, targeting the range of students from those with limited English ability to students with advanced developmental English skills.
  2. For students who have completed the ELI, or who have placed into college-level English classes, the Department offers an English program which provides classes in college composition, research paper writing, creative writing, and technical writing for Criminal Justice majors.
  3. The Languages and Humanities Department offers classes in languages such as Carolinian, Chamorro, Chinese, Japanese, American Sign Language, and Spanish.
  4. The Department offers courses in humanities such as literature, speech, and philosophy. In addition to their content, these courses foster critical thinking skills

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