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Nursing Course Descriptions

Nursing courses are offered to students who are officially excepted into the nursing program.

NU 105 Basic Nursing Concepts and Skills

This course focuses both on identifying the basic needs of the person who is experiencing illness, and on assisting clients who require minimal adaptation to meet those needs. It introduces students to nursing history and nursing roles, utilizing the nursing process and basic nursing skills with an assessment of cultural and biopsychosocial needs and therapeutic communication techniques, Once these skills are demonstrated satisfactory in the lab, the student is able to apply these skills in a clinical setting.

NU 107 Medical-Surgical Nursing I

This course provides an introduction to the theory and clinical concepts of caring for the client throughout the lifespan. The course utilizes the nursing process to assist medical-surgical clients requiring maximal adaptation to meet basic physiological and psychosocial needs. The course provides a brief review of basic client care skills and explores more complex skills. Once these skills are demonstrated satisfactorily in the lab, the student will be able to apply these skills in the clinical setting.

NU 124 Pharmacology and Clinical Math

This course outlines the concepts used in the administration of medications. It includes the study of drug classifications, types, actions, contraindications, side effects, dosages, and nursing implications. This course also covers dosage calculations and measurements systems.

NU 203 Maternal and Child Health Nursing

This course prepares the student to provide basic nursing care to maternity and pediatric clients and their families in both hospital and clinic settings. The course covers concepts of growth and development of newborns, infants, children, adolescents, and the childbearing woman. Family development and care are included, as are health education and promotion.

NU 207 Medical-Surgical-Psychiatric Nursing II

This course deals with the use of the nursing process to meet the physical and psychosocial needs of the medical-surgical and psychiatric clients. The student obtains foundation knowledge and skills necessary to provide psychiatric nursing care to clients experiencing mental health problems. In addition, the student further develops the knowledge and skills necessary to provide nursing care to the medical-surgical client. After the student has satisfactorily demonstrated clinical skills in the laboratory, he/she will apply the knowledge in the clinical setting, both in the hospital and in the community.

NU 212 Medical-Surgical Nursing III

This course is the final nursing course for the Associate in Science degree in Nursing (AND). While the course theory content focuses on advanced nursing skills and concepts required in caring for the medical-surgical client, the clinical component requires the demonstration of cumulative nursing skills from all the nursing courses. The course utilizes the nursing process, with emphasis on management and teaching of the complex medical-surgical client. In addition, leadership skills are developed to assist the student in transition from a student role to that of a graduate nurse. This course covers laboratory practice of advanced nursing/critical care skills. After satisfactory demonstration of those skills, the student will be able to apply them in the clinical setting.