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Social Sciences and Fine Arts Department

The Social Sciences and Fine Arts Department is a diverse academic unit housing a wide variety of liberal arts disciplines (Art, Behavioral Science, Drama, Geography, History, Law, Music, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology), which comprise some of the general education curriculum requirements and a majority of the electives for the associate degrees. The department offers as a multidisciplinary course SO 297 Current Issues in the CNMI, which is one of the core course requirements for all NMC associate degrees. In addition, the department houses the College’s Criminal Justice degree program.

The department chair and faculty are members of many college committees, and are active participants in various community activities. The department is currently staffed by three full-time instructional faculty, an instructor/program coordinator for criminal justice, an administrative manager, and a department chair. It also employs, as needed, a number of adjunct instructors each semester in order to meet student demand for courses and programs within its purview.