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HE 150 Personal Health (3)
This course introduces the fundamental aspects of human health issues, such as nutrition, alcohol abuse, health-related physical fitness, stress management and self-esteem maintenance, through classroom discussion and health related projects. The course provides information and practical suggestions for achieving a suitable level of health. English Placement Level: EN 093/094

HE 200 Health and Wellness (3)
This course introduces students to the concepts of physical fitness and wellness and to the lifetime benefits provided through participation in an individualized program. It provides an in-depth understanding of health fitness as well as information that can help students make healthful adjustments to their current lifestyles. Students also participate in an individualized exercise program with a choice of activities. Pre- and post-testing are carried out to determine improvement in the areas of cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. English Placement Level: EN 101.

HE 230 Nutrition and Health (3)
This course covers the basic elements and principles of nutrition including nutrients, food sources of nutrients, and the essentials of a balanced diet. Applied nutrition is emphasized, as is the study of nutritional problems in health. English Placement Level: EN 101.