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NOTE: MA 090 and MA 091 are preparatory courses in mathematics and do not carry college degree credits. (i.e., NDU = Non-degree Units.)

MA 090 Pre-Algebra (4 NDU)
This course covers concepts of arithmetic and fundamentals concepts of algebra. It is designed to assist those who need to upgrade their mathematical skills so they can be placed in college-level mathematics courses. The students are required to do lab assignments using a TI-82/83 graphic calculator. English Placement Level: EN 093/094. Math Placement Level: MA 090.

MA 091 Beginning Algebra (4 NDU)
This course further develops the fundamental math and basic algebraic concepts covered in MA 090. It introduces students to the general concepts of algebra, including solving equations, problem-solving, graphing liner and non-linear equations, and solving real-life problems using algebra. Students are required to do assignments using a TI-82/83/89 graphic calculator. English Placement Level: EN 083/084. Math Placement Level: MA 091 or completion of MA 090.

MA 132 Intermediate Algebra (4)
This course is designed to enable students to develop proficiency in algebra and to show students how algebra may be used as a model for solving real-life problems. Topics covered include the concepts of elementary algebra, equations, graphs, and algebraic functions. A graphic approach to problem solving is emphasized throughout. Students are required to do assignments using a TI-82/83/89 graphic calculator. English Placement Level: EN 093/094. Math Placement Level: MA 111/132.

MA 141 Contemporary Mathematics (4)
This course is designed to help develop mathematical modeling and critical thinking skills in students who are pursuing degrees in liberal arts or the life sciences. Students will be engaged in logic, reasoning, mathematical modeling and critical thinking, and will learn how and why mathematical models are the tool of choice for solving many complex problems in contemporary society. This course includes elements of mathematics-related topics such as networking and circuits, planning and scheduling, linear programming, producing and exploring data, game theory, probability and statistics, apportionment and voting systems, growth and form, symmetry and patterns, consumer finance, and economics of resources. Prerequisite: a “C” or better in MA 132, or instructor’s permission; placement at EN 101.

MA 151 Introduction to Statistics (3)
This course is designed to introduce the student to the basic principles of descriptive and inferential statistics, as well as the basic probability theory needed for an understanding of statistical distributions, estimation, hypothesis testing, and linear regression. The course provides the student with the basic skills necessary to succeed in further courses in applied statistics, as well as an appreciation of the critical interpretation of statistical data, the ranges of application of statistics, and an introduction to the use of technology in the effective processing and analysis of information. English Placement Level: EN 101. Math Placement Level: MA 161 or completion of MA 132.

MA 161 College Algebra (4)
This course focuses on the theories and applications of algebraic, exponential, and logarithmic functions. Numerical, algebraic, and graphical techniques are emphasized throughout, both in the presentation of concepts and in solving problems. A TI-82/83/89 graphic calculator is required. English Placement Level: EN 093/094. Math Placement Level: MA 161.

MA 162 College Trigonometry (4)
This course is designed to extend student proficiency to the full range of elementary mathematical functions and their applications. Topics covered include complex numbers, polar coordinates, and the graphs and inverses of trigonometric functions. Problem solving and the use of new technologies for the discovery of mathematical relationships are emphasized throughout. This course, in conjunction with MA 161, is intended to provide a solid basis for those who wish to continue into higher mathematics. Prerequisite: A “C” grade or better in MA 161 or the instructor’s permission; English Placement Level: En 093/094.

MA 191 Mathematics Tutoring (3)
Training in one-on-one and small group tutoring in MA 090, MA 091, and MA 132. Required fieldwork consists of tutoring service in the community or college. Enrollment cap is 10 students. Concurrent enrollment in MA 161, or completion, required. Consent of instructor required.

MA 203 Basic Calculus (5)
This course introduces students to the basic theory and applications of calculus. Topics covered include a review of precalculus, limits, infinity, continuity, differentiation, and integration, and the application of these concepts to the mathematical analysis of space and time. Problem solving and the use of graphic utilities are emphasized throughout. Prerequisite: MA 161. English Placement Level: EN 101.