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Welcome to Career Center!

Career Center is your passport to your profession! We provide an on-campus site for students to explore and pursue their career goals. Whether you are just beginning to think about careers or applying for work study, internships, and more!

We can help with:

  • Career counseling and guidance,
  • Career Assessment, Career and Education Planning, Career Development: Kuder Journey
  • Workshops and events: Resume and cover letter writing, Interview Preparation, Career Fair, and more!
  • Endless Career Resources,
  • Work Study and Internship Programs,
  • Get your Student IDs,
  • Outreach and awareness,
  • and so much more!
Your Career Won’t Start Itself!
Give it a jump start.

Whatever stage you are at in your career development, we are prepared to assist you every step of the way.

We hope that you will find it helpful, but moreover, we hope you’ll come see us and get your future started!

Contact Information:

    Neda C. Deleon Guerrero
    Program Manager
    Career Services Center (Bldg. I)
    Tel.: (670) 237-6775
    Fax: (670) 235-1270
    [email protected]