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Faculty Senate


The Faculty Senate is the official representative body and legislative body of the Faculty Assembly of NMC. The Faculty Senate acts on behalf of the faculty, and it is accountable to the Faculty Assembly for its actions. The Faculty Senate performs the following functions in the governance process of NMC: (1) initiates, develops, and reviews policies on academic and administrative matters of NMC; (2) provides advisory comment on proposed Board of Regents policies on academic and administrative matters prior to their adoption by the Board of Regents; (3) participates in maintaining the integrity of the academic processes of NMC. (From the Constitution of the Faculty Assembly of Northern Marianas College, Article II””Purpose)

In participating in the governance process of NMC, the Faculty Senate has voting representation on the College Council, and the Faculty Senate President serves as a nonvoting honorary member of the Board of Regents.

Faculty Senate Members:

  • Amanda Angel-Diaz - President ( At-Large)
  • Johnny Aldan - Vice-President (SOE)
  • Kimberly Anderson-Bunts - Secretary (At-Large)
  • Rosaline Cepeda - Faculty Senator ( SOE Representative)
  • Cherrie Lovejoy - Faculty Senator At-Large
  • Johnny Aldan - Faculty Senator At-Large
  • Richard Waldo - Faculty Senator At-Large

Minutes from Previous Meetings

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