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Staff Senate


The Staff Senate serves as the official representative body of the Staff Assembly. The Staff Senate acts on the Assembly’s behalf in its relations with the college, and is accountable to the Assembly for its actions. The Senate provides an open forum for the concerns brought to it by the Assembly. The Senate also directly participates in the governance of the college by assisting in determining the need for, initiating and developing, and reviewing policies on administrative matters affecting the welfare of the College.

The Senate also participates in maintaining the integrity of academic processes of the College. Policies concerning matters considered by the Board of Regents are reviewed by the Senate for advisory comment prior to their adoption.

Staff Senate Members:

  • Katherine Palacios - President
  • Daisie Camacho-Renguul - Vice President
  • Christina Cruz - Secretary
  • Catherine Villagomez - Treasurer
  • Shirley Blas - Member
  • Lisa Hacskaylo - Member
  • Geraldine Hofschneider - Member
  • Novelyn Tenorio - Member
  • Timberly Ngewakl - Member