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Accreditation Info for Students

Frequently Asked Questions about NMC’s Accreditation

Updated July 9, 2014

As announced today NMC has received Initial Accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), WASC Senior College and University Commission, now known as WSCUC. The Commission granted NMC a six-year accreditation at its June 2014 meeting. The following lists responses to students’ questions about NMC’s accreditation.

What is accreditation?

Accreditation is a status given to an educational institution that has been found to meet or exceed certain standards of educational quality. The agency that accredits NMC is the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), WASC Senior College and University Commission, now known as WSCUC.

Why does accreditation matter?

Accreditation matters because it helps to 1) assure the quality of the programs and services that NMC offers, and 2) it fosters and encourages institutional advancement. It also qualifies NMC for certain kinds of federal funds (for example, grants and financial aid).

Is NMC still accredited?

NMC will no longer be accredited by ACCJC as it is withdrawing it’s accreditation from the Junior Commission. The College is now fully accredited by WASC Senior College and University Commission.

What does Initial Accreditation mean?

Initial Accreditation is granted when an institution is found to be in substantial compliance with all or nearly all of the WASC Standards and CFRs. NMC’s initial accreditation is approved for a six-year comprehensive review cycle in 2020 with an interim report in 2017.

Why did NMC transition from the Junior to Senior Commission?

The NMC Board of Regents saw the need for the College to expand it’s Business offerings to that of a bachelor’s degree. Under ACCJC, the College is only allowed to offer one bachelor’s degree program. WASC Senior Commission allows the College to expand its program offerings, including a bachelor’s degree in business management, which was identified as a high priority by the CNMI’s private sector community. With this NMC initiated the movement from the ACCJC to WSCUC as part of its effort to meet community and workforce needs.

Is NMC still a Community College?

Yes! NMC is still a Community College the only difference is that we now offer two bachelor’s degrees one in Education and one in Business Management.

What will happen next?

NMC is required to submit an Interim Report in 2017, this report will address recommendations set in the WSCUC Action Letter. This Interim Report will also outline the progress that NMC has made towards proficiency of the WASC confirms that an institution has substantially met the Commission's Core Commitments and Standards of Accreditation and associated Criteria for Review.

What happens to my financial aid?

Nothing. NMC’s accredited status continues as we move to WSCUC and students’ financial aid will not be affected.

Do other colleges accept my courses if I choose to transfer out?

Yes. The course credits you earn at NMC will continue to transfer based on the receiving institution’s criteria for as long as NMC remains accredited.

Who can help me better understand how accreditation will impact my enrollment and plans for earning a degree?

Counselors, academic advisors, and other staff from Student Services can help you better understand how accreditation affects your plans for earning a degree. NMC is committed to helping you achieve your educational goals. Your academic advisor or a counselor is available to assist you with the process of identifying and evaluating your options for continued enrollment and obtaining a degree.

Where can I find out more information about accreditation?

Accreditation updates are regularly posted at NMC’s website at You can also log on to for more information about the accrediting commission.

To learn even more about NMC's accreditaion effort, click here for regularly updated information.