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Northern Marianas College is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week by security personnel who are located in Building O – 1. You may contact the security office by calling 237-6800. For emergency situations, please call 911.

    Sex Offender Notification

    A Sex Offender is an individual convicted of a criminal offense of a sexual nature against a victim who is a minor, or who is convicted of a sexually violent offense. Northern Marianas College Procedure 8001.01 establishes guidelines for college officials to respond to the enrollment or presence of a convicted sex offender at Northern Marianas College and to provide appropriate notification to the campus community.

    The scope of notification is determined in consultation with local law enforcement officials and the risk classifications provided by CNMI Public Law 17-49 § 1362:

    • Tier I indicates low risk of re-offense
    • Tier II indicates medium risk of re-offense
    • Tier III indicates high risk of re-offense

    Each offender, regardless of risk notification, will be required to notify the Dean of Student Services or Director of Counseling Programs & Services of their intent to enroll prior to their attending classes. The Dean of Student Services may impose conditions of enrollment or limit access levels to NMC buildings, spaces, educational programs, and services to protect the safety and welfare of students, faculty, and staff.

    Additional sex offender information can be obtained on the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Sex Offender Registry web site:

    This public notice is provided in compliance with the Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Northern Marianas College Security Office | 237-6800 | 888-1911

    The following links are current Level 3 sex offenders at Northern Marianas College

    Level 3 Sex Offenders

    Level 2 Sex Offenders
    • None enrolled at this time