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2016-2017 NMC Catalog

The NMC General Catalog is the College's official publication containing all the information about academic and community programs, facilities, entrance requirements, financial aid and student life. To view any section of Catalog, click on the corresponding link below:

  1. Cover Page
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Academic Calendar
  4. College Profile
  5. Student Services
  6. Student Life
  7. Tuition and Fees
  8. Policies & Procedures
  9. Degree and Certificate Programs
  10. Course Descriptions
  11. Information and Resources
  12. Community Programs
  13. Articulation Agreements
  14. WICHE
  15. Faculty & Staff Directory
  16. College Map

To download the entire catalog, please click here. Note that the file size is 2.58 MB and downloading it may take several minutes. To view the UPDATES to the 2016-2017 NMC Catalog. Please click here.