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Another NMC Grad Passes NCLEX on First Attempt (August 19, 2014)

Another nursing graduate of the Northern Marianas College recently passed the challenging National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) on her first attempt. Cathlene Ricafort, who graduated from NMC last May, took the exam on August 6, 2014.

The NCLEX-RN tests an individual’s nursing knowledge, skills and abilities essential to the safe and effective practice of nursing at the entry level.

The exam is used by nursing boards in all U.S. states and territories to award nursing licenses.

“We are very proud of Cathlene for passing the NCLEX on the first attempt,” said NMC Nursing Department Chairperson Rosa M. Tudela. “We look forward to seeing her excel and achieve even more accomplishments in the future.”

“The major factor that contributed to my passage of NCLEX was my inspirations, my grandparents,” said Ricafort. “They told me that education is the most valuable thing that they and my parents could give me.”

“My nursing instructors have all been a great help. They all worked hard to help us prepare for this very important exam. Mr. Jacinto, who I consider my mentor, prepared me very well for this exam,” Ricafort added. “All of the long lectures and skills we learned definitely helped a lot. I am thankful that NMC has these instructors to help me prepare not only to become just a nurse but also to become a Registered Nurse by passing NCLEX. ”

“I learned to love nursing because I realized that it is not just about science, it is about helping people and it is one of the things that I want to do,” Ricafort added.

Asked what advice she would give other students who are preparing to take the NCLEX, Ricafort said, “Study hard and smart, and PRAY harder. Play comes after the NCLEX. As long as you have done your part, God will take care of the rest.’”

Joy Lacorte, who graduated from NMC last May, also passed the NCLEX-RN on her first attempt earlier this month.

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