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Parents of campers who attended 4-H Marianas’ Camp Maga’lahi held on all three islands expressed great satisfaction with the recently held camp.

The camp was organized in cooperation with Northern Marianas College’s Cooperative Research, Extension, and Education Services Family, Community, and Youth Development program. 

Close to 100% of the parents surveyed indicated high satisfaction with the overall experience of the camp. 

“This was the most organized and differentiated camp I have ever seen,” a parent of a camper said. “ It had activities for kids of all ages and abilities. My daughter loved the camp and she's normally not fond of attending these types of activities.”

96.9% of the parents of campers on Saipan affirmed that the camp counselors had great leadership skills. 92.9% of the parents on Tinian shared the same sentiments.

On Rota, 100% of the parents also shared that they were impressed with the counselors as well.

“My children were able to socialize and develop social skills – some of which were lost during the pandemic,” one parent said. “I also love that they can learn from the young camp counselors as well and strive to become a counselor one day.”

Survey results also showed that 100% of the parents surveyed would recommend the camp to others and would participate again next year.

Camp Maga’lahi recently held its last session of camp with 64 campers from ages 7-14 and 41 counselors aged 15-19. The counselors and campers were able to hone their leadership skills and build their self-confidence. 

Edgardo Palma Jr., a camp counselor from Saipan, said that he learned a lot about stepping out of his comfort zone.

“I learned that I am capable of socializing with others even if it is not for very long, I am proud of myself for having taken a step in the right direction out of my shell,” Palma said.

Chloe Yalung, a counselor from Rota, also shared the same sentiments.

“I learned that I work best when I have people around me that radiate the same energy I have,” Yalung said. “I noticed that I need to improve my motivation and build up on my critical thinking skills. I also learned just how much work it takes to be a leader.

In addition to team building activities, the campers and the counselors were able to learn about how to live healthier lifestyles, environmental awareness, as well as facets of CNMI history and culture.

“In this camp I learned that I am a good leader and with hard work I am able to achieve anything. Ryan Nuera, a Tinian camp counselor said. “I also got to know what my strengths and what my weaknesses are.”

Camp Maga’lahi was made possible with the help of the American Memorial Park Junior Ranger Program, the Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality, Coastal Resources Management, the Coral Reef Initiative, Going Coastal, PSS-Food and Nutrition Service, the Division of Fish & Wildlife, the Indigenous Affairs Office, 500 Sails, the Mariana Islands Nature Alliance, CHCC-CGC, DLNR, Typhoon Sports, Tinian Municipal Council, Ms. Deborah Fleming, DPS-Boating Safety, DFEMS, and the NMC-CREES Aquaculture & Natural Resources program.

4-H Marianas also acknowledges the assistance of Tinian Mayor Edwin P. Aldan and his staff, as well as Rota Mayor Efraim M. Atalig and his staff.

For more information about 4-H Marianas programs, visit the NMC-CREES website at or on Facebook and Instagram (@4HMarianas).