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Northern Marianas College nursing graduates Crystal Delos Reyes, Pearl Lauritzen, and Claudilyn Lacbayo have joined the long list of NMC students who have passed the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses or NCLEX-RN.

Nursing graduates must pass the NCLEX-RN to be able to practice nursing. The exam tests the knowledge, skills, and abilities of nursing graduates in order to certify that they are capable of applying entry level nursing practices correctly. 

“We are proud of NMC nursing graduates Crystal, Pearl, and Claudilyn for passing such a rigorous exam,” NMC President Galvin Deleon Guerrero, EdD, said. “I wish the best of luck on their future endeavors as healthcare professionals.”

NMC Nursing Department Chair Rosa Aldan likewise congratulated the three on their achievements.

“I’d like to congratulate my former students for their remarkable achievement in passing the NCLEX-RN,” Aldan said. “I have no doubt that they will succeed in their nursing careers.” 

Crystal Delos Reyes, a nursing graduate from the class of 2022, developed a passion for nursing in knowing that she is able to make a difference in people’s lives through this career. 

“Seeing them recover, or even receiving a simple gesture of a smile or thank you from them and their families knowing I was given full trust in their care gives me the drive to persevere as a nurse,” Delos Reyes said.

Delos Reyes expresses her gratitude toward the support of her family and friends, namely her mom for pushing her to never give up, and to her dad, who passed away, for being her source of strength. She also thanks her instructors and classmates for their continued guidance.

In advice to nursing students who are planning to take the NCLEX, Delos Reyes recalls her experience in studying for the NCLEX. 

“The NMC Nursing Program’s nursing core courses, integrated Kaplan online resources and NCLEX-RN review sessions greatly helped me prepare for the exam,” Delos Reyes said. 

Delos Reyes balanced time for studying in the mornings and evenings as her schedule would permit, and states that self discipline is important. 

She encourages current and future nursing students, “Everyone’s study routine is different, therefore creating a study routine that is realistic and works best for you is essential. Remember your ‘Why’s’ and use that as a motivation to keep going. You’re one step closer to becoming a nurse. Have confidence, trust, and believe in yourself. Others did it, you can too!”

Delos Reyes is currently working as a Registered Nurse in the Hemodialysis Unit at CHCC.

Pearl Lauritzen, a 2023 nursing graduate, expresses an innate desire to make positive impacts on people’s lives, thus being the reason why she decided to pursue nursing. She explains, “The ability to care for and help others during their most vulnerable moments is what truly drives me in this profession."

Lauritzen describes how her successful passage of the NCLEX was due to the support of her professors, peers, and family, and the education and training of the NMC Nursing Program preparing her for the exam. 

“The curriculum was rigorous, and the faculty members were highly knowledgeable and dedicated. The practical experiences gained through clinical rotations & I-Human Patients By Kaplan were invaluable in developing my clinical judgment and critical thinking abilities”, she said.

Lauritzen recommends NMC students to prioritize a consistent study schedule as a means of establishing a solid foundation in their time at the nursing program, and highlights the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and believing in oneself.

Lauritzen is currently in the process of applying as a Registered Nurse at CHCC.

Claudilyn Lacbayo, a classmate of Lauritzen in NMC’s 2023 nursing graduating class, pursued her nursing degree with a motivation for caring for the well-being of others, as well as her own. 

“I wanted to pursue nursing because I genuinely enjoy taking care of people and I also wanted to be able to take care of myself and my family,” Lacbayo said.

Along with the preparation provided by NMC, Lacbayo emphasized the impact that time management, determination, and organization had on her successful passage of the NCLEX as she was simultaneously working full time as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). 

“Also the fact that I had so much support from my family and my coworkers really helped me while I was studying for the NCLEX,” she added.

Lacbayo underscored the valuable input she got from the Kaplan sessions and the guidance of her instructors. “Dr. Annie and Mr. Sinj’s classes also helped highlight important things that I needed to know on the NCLEX. I am very thankful for all of my instructors at NMC.”

From her personal experience in studying for the NCLEX, Lacbayo advises other nursing students to know what works for them and maintain a kind and positive attitude toward themselves. 

“You can’t know everything, so don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to know everything,” Lacbayo said. “Don’t force yourself to study when you aren’t mentally ready. Even passively listening to lectures while you clean or jog is more than enough.”

Lacbayo is currently working as a CNA at CHCC, and is in the process of transitioning from a CNA to a RN.

For more information about NMC’s nursing program, email Rosa T. Aldan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (670) 237-6744.


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From left, Claudilyn Lacbayo, Crystal Delos Reyes and Pearl Lauritzen.