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Working as a Juvenile Probation Officer III under the CNMI Division of Youth Services, Rutha Mizutani-Tebuteb is an inspiring example of the many NMC alumni within the criminal justice field who are working to maintain the peace and safety of our islands.

Mizutani-Tebuteb graduated from NMC in 2003 with her Associates of Applied Science in Computer Applications and had also earned her Associates degree in Business Administration in 2005.

In addition to her Criminal Justice courses at NMC, she expanded her educational pursuits and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Texas A&M University - Central Texas in 2011.
Currently, Mizutani-Tebuteb works under DYS to help juveniles become productive citizens while minimizing their risk of further criminal behavior, as well as working with their families to ensure a holistic approach toward the best interest of the child. 

“My primary role is to supervise juvenile offenders who are placed on probation as an alternative to incarceration or as part of their sentence,” Mizutani-Tebuteb explained. “Probation conditions are set by the court, and my job is to ensure that juvenile offenders adhere to their conditions.”

While reflecting on her time at NMC, she recalled the opportunities that the College has given her, “Because of my major, NMC afforded me the opportunity to intern with the U.S. Attorney’s Office. During my internship I also gained valuable skills from professionals.”

Mizutani-Tebuteb found that by choosing NMC, she was able to experience the comfort of home while simultaneously pursuing her college education.

“Why NMC? Because NMC offered a variety of courses that piqued my interest and most importantly, the college is accredited. We should be asking, ‘why not NMC?’” she said.

Attending college while raising her first-born child, Tebuteb’s educational journey is one filled with persistence, determination, as well as fond memories.

She recalled, “My favorite memory is graduating at NMC along with my husband with our close friends and family. Now, our first-born is a freshman at NMC – starting smart.”

Additionally, Mizutani-Tebuteb remembered enjoying the many activities that NMC had to offer during her time as a student, such as Charter Day, Student Center activities, and meeting new friends.

“I would also like to acknowledge the instructors, counselors and the student lounge staff who made my college experience fun and worthwhile,” she added. “They showed me that hard work, enthusiasm, and positive energy can take you to new heights.”

Providing advice for current students, Mizutani-Tebuteb said, “Enjoy college to the fullest. Make the most of your college experience by having a positive attitude – good and bad experiences are always better than no experience.”

“If you happen to be an intern like I was, learn as much as possible from your mentors and be proactive,” she added. 

Mizutani-Tebuteb thanks her parents and family, who have been her source of motivation throughout her educational journey.