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The latest news from Northern Marianas College

Joining thousands of Northern Marianas College grads who are taking on leadership positions in the community, NMC graduate Maria Atrero was recently promoted to the position of Medical-Surgical Nursing Unit Manager at the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation. 

Motivated by her desire to contribute to society and help the CNMI embrace a healthier lifestyle, Atrero embarked on her nursing journey after graduating from the NMC in 2017. Furthermore, her personal aspirations to support her family both in terms of health and finances served as a driving force throughout her educational and professional endeavors.

When reflecting on her educational experience at NMC, Atrero expressed her gratitude for the invaluable preparation she received. She stated that NMC played a pivotal role in jump-starting her nursing career, providing her with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in her field. 

“My journey at NMC has been instrumental in shaping me into the nurse and leader I am today,” Atrero said. “With the support and guidance of NMC, I have gained the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to the CNMI community.” 

In light of her recent promotion, Atrero offered some advice to fellow NMC students who aspire to pursue a nursing degree. She emphasized the selfless nature of nursing, urging students to persevere through the challenges they may encounter along the way. 

“The journey is hard but if others can do it, then so can you,” Atrero said. “And if things start to get hard, remember that there will be good days, and eventually that hard work and those bad days will pay off and make you a stronger person.” 

As the newly appointed Medical-Surgical Nursing Unit Manager, Atrero assumes a pivotal role in overseeing the management of both the medical and surgical units. Her responsibilities include the supervision of a dedicated team of 54 staff members, which comprises Unit Clerks, Tele-Techs, Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), and Registered Nurses (RNs). 

Beyond managing day-to-day operations, Atrero's duties extend to tasks such as ensuring an adequate stock of essential items for patient care and developing and updating policies to align with the latest practices. Most importantly, she recognizes the crucial task of safeguarding not only the well-being of patients but also the nurses under her care.

The College takes great pride in Atrero's outstanding accomplishments and her unwavering commitment to making a positive impact within the CNMI community.  

“We are immensely proud of Maria Atrero's recent promotion to the position of Medical-Surgical Nursing Unit Manager,” NMC Nursing Department Chair Rosa Aldan said. “It is truly gratifying to witness the remarkable achievements of our alumni. Maria's success is a testament to the exceptional education and training provided by NMC. Her dedication, perseverance, and commitment to excellence reflect the values we instill in our students. Her promotion serves as an inspiration to current and future NMC nursing students, demonstrating the boundless possibilities that await them in their nursing careers.”


Maria Atrero