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The latest news from Northern Marianas College

On September 20th, students, faculty, and staff of the Northern Marianas College and members of the community united in joining institutions across the globe to celebrate the 4th annual International Day of University Sports (IDUS) at the Oleai Sports Complex. 

This year’s IDUS made history as the largest and the most exceptional celebration of IDUS at NMC as it showcases the transformative power of sports, emphasizing the values of unity, healthy competition, and inclusivity, resonating seamlessly with the college’s mission of “taking care of our community, our resources, and our people." 

Throughout the evening, IDUS participants played a diverse variety of sporting events from intense games of ultimate frisbee and volleyball to heart-pounding soccer matches, spike ball showdowns, and captivating athletics competitions, including a long jump and a relay race.

“The 2023 NMC IDUS celebration will be etched in our memories not only for its exhilarating sporting events but also for the bonds it fostered and the inspiration it ignited. It served as a resounding reminder that sports possess the unique ability to unite people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and nations,” said NMC Assistant Professor II Lisa Lunde. 

She added, “As the NMC community eagerly anticipates next year's IDUS celebration, the spirit of unity and excellence cultivated on September 20th will continue to flourish. It will drive our college and community to reach new heights in sports and education, staying true to NMC's vision of raising the tide for everyone.”

The success of this year’s IDUS celebration would not have been possible without funding from the Federation Internationale du Sport Universitaire/International University Sports Federation (FISU) Oceania whose unwavering dedication to promoting university sports and fostering a strong sense of community was indispensable in making the NMC IDUS celebration a triumph.

Additionally, the support from the Northern Marianas Sports Association (NMSA), NMC Volleyball Club, Northern Mariana Islands Football Association (NMIFA), Saipan Ultimate, Northern Marianas Athletics, and the faculty and staff of NMC helped contribute to making this event a reality.

“We extend our gratitude to everyone who played a vital role in making this event possible. Angela Bernal, the event organizer, and a current NMC student, deserves special recognition for her tireless efforts and exceptional event management skills, which were instrumental in orchestrating our largest and most outstanding celebration to date,” said NMC Assistant Professor II Denise Myers.

The International Day of University Sport has been an annual tradition since 2016 when the United Nations Education, Science, and Culture Organization (UNESCO) proclaimed the day of September 20th as a day to not just promote its sports events but also to create a debate on university sport and to promote FISU values. IDUS transcends borders and is celebrated by colleges and universities across five continents worldwide. This global celebration underscores the universal values upheld by sports—unity, excellence, and camaraderie.