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The latest news from Northern Marianas College

During the summer, a pre-engineering student from Northern Marianas College gained valuable firsthand experience in the realms of construction and planning through an internship with the CNMI Department of Public Works.

Throughout his internship with DPW, William Deleon Guerrero gained practical exposure to various aspects of engineering practice. His focus on material science allowed him to appreciate the nature of engineering projects. 

"My time at the DPW provided insights into the precision required by engineers in their projects," Deleon Guerrero said. "As a person interested in the field of material science, I understand that a somewhat discrete miscalculation can heavily affect the structural integrity of a building, bridge, or road. I also had the chance to observe what tools and measurements our firms utilize to ensure that our structures are safe."

Deleon Guerrero's decision to pursue the pre-engineering program at NMC stems from his interest in engineering and his aspiration to contribute to local infrastructure growth.

"Engineering offers a pathway to acquiring essential skills for community development," noted Deleon Guerrero. " I also want to be a part of the call for local engineers and apply the necessary knowledge and skills our island needs.”

Looking ahead, Deleon Guerrero envisions a career as an entrepreneur contributing to community progress, alongside pursuing opportunities within local engineering firms. His aspirations align with NMC's objective of producing skilled professionals capable of addressing local workforce needs.

DPW Secretary Ray Yumul said that Deleon Guerrero’s eagerness to go into the engineering program is inspiring.

“We commend Will and other students like him who are determined to contribute to local infrastructure growth and eager to answer the call for local engineers,” Yumul said. “We are proud to support his educational journey and wish him well in his future endeavors.”

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