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The latest news from Northern Marianas College

Northern Marianas College, in partnership with the CNMI Department of Community and Cultural Affairs – Childcare Development Fund (DCCA-CCDF), recently expanded the CNMI’s child care development workforce through an 18-month long certification program in early childhood education.

Clarinda Aldan, Elizabeth Castro, Levi Sobremisana, Raquel Tadifa, and Rosana Villaraiz were the graduates of the first cohort of the College’s certification program. 

The CCDF Early Childhood Education Certification Program was created based on an agreement between the DCCA-CCDF and NMC’s School of Education and Community Development Institute. This program enabled childcare providers to enhance their skills and become more proficient in their roles by gaining valuable insights into early childhood education.

“Through our partnership with DCCA-CCDF, Northern Marianas College is proud to have empowered dedicated individuals like Clarinda, Elizabeth, Levi, Raquel, and Rosana.” NMC President Galvin Deleon Guerrero, EdD, said. “We have no doubt that they will continue to further nurture the minds of the CNMI’s youth.” 

Maribel Loste, the administrator of DCCA-CCDF, said that she is looking forward to more partnerships with the College to further enhance the CNMI’s education workforce.

“We are grateful of the partnership we have with NMC, and we extend our kudos to the five who recently completed the program,” Loste said.

Loste added that there are 15 members for the next cohort with the College.

“I encourage more of our child care providers to enroll in programs such as the certification courses that are offered at the College, and to always look for opportunities for professional development,” Loste said.

Raquel Tadifa, a graduate of the program, said that the certification course enhanced her knowledge in child development.

“What we have learned is very applicable when working with children in the CNMI, and it’s a great opportunity to further expand our knowledge,” Tadifa said.

Levi Sobremisana, another graduate, expressed his appreciation for making this course a reality.

“I would like to thank NMC, its Community Development Institute, the NMC School of Education, and DCCA-CCDF for this invaluable program,” Sobremisana said. “The teachers and the program are very understanding of our schedules as we are full-time working students, and it is really uplifting for us as they are accommodating and are always supportive of us.”

"I believe this course will help all child care providers. I have learned a lot and the techniques and strategies are very helpful as we learn more to help a child develop as well to help a child reach its goals,” Sobremisana added.

For more information about the College’s child development certification courses, contact the NMC’s Community Development institute at (670) 237-6810 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..