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The latest news from Northern Marianas College

Coordinated by Northern Marianas College’s Community Development Institute (CDI), the CNMI Public Assistance Office (PAO) recently completed the GovComms: Effective Communication for Government Employees Training Initiative, a four-session government communication program designed to improve communication skills, teamwork, and productivity in the workplace.

The GovComms initiative focuses on the topic of effective communication in the workplace, with the goal of enhancing teamwork, productivity, and overall job satisfaction for employees. The CDI provided the program’s content, materials, and instructors for the training.

Participants were able to expand on the skills and strategies necessary to effectively communicate in internal and external professional environments. 

Skills included but were not limited to writing concise emails, memos, and reports, conducting effective meetings and presentations, effectively communicating with clients and colleagues, workplace communication ethics and etiquette, and the importance of nonverbal communication, active listening, and conflict resolutions.

“The Community Development Institute is committed to empowering professionals through our innovative training,” shared CDI Director Monique Sablan. “Programs such as GovComms are tailored to enhance communication skills, making employees more effective in their roles. Our mission is to help enhance productivity, equipping our clients and their staff with customized training that ensures that they can excel in their essential work.”

“I would say the Gov Com class was a great opportunity,” shared participant PAO Project Specialist Francisco Deleon Guerrero. “I encourage all to take the course. It’s a very informative training that will enhance your etiquette and speech performance.” 

Additionally, participants received a certificate of participation, and are able to apply their contact hours towards NMC’s CE250 (Cooperative Education 250) course.

For more information about CDI and its programs, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..