In support of Northern Marianas College’s commitment to the health and safety of its campus community, the College has announced that beginning in the Fall 2021 semester, the COVID-19 vaccination would be part of the health clearance requirements for students who are enrolled in face-to-face or in-person classes.

The vaccination requirement allows NMC to offer a fuller range of in-person campus experiences in the fall, including co-curricular activities and events. Additionally, vaccination remains the most effective way to protect those who are not able to receive vaccination (children under age 12 and those who are medically exempted) and to bring the COVID-19 pandemic to an end. Further, the vaccine requirement furthers the CNMI’s goal of reaching herd immunity against the COVID-19 virus.

Start Smart. Start at NMC!

College Governance


It is our shared belief that in order to foster a healthy environment where all views are considered, openly debated and given the opportunity for adoption, a culture of empowerment must permeate the campus community.

This empowerment is achieved through the College's commitment to shared governance, which engenders substantive contributions from students, staff, faculty, and community members to the College's strategic direction.

Ultimately, shared governance is the vehicle by which the College carries out its vision and mission. It allows the College to draw on collective intelligence in a spirit of collaboration, open and honest communication, and mutual trust so that better decisions are made.

The Institutional Excellence Guide, which can be downloaded below, provides clarity to the shared governance structure that involves all constituents at the Northern Marianas College. Further, the Guide outlines the processes the College has instituted for planning,assessment, and budgeting.

All college students, faculty, and staff are highly encouraged to participate and lend their expertise in the shared governance process by serving on a College committee, workgroup, or council.

NMC Institutional Guide