The latest news from Northern Marianas College
From left, Saipan and Northern Islands Municipal Council  Secretary Carmen Cabrera Pangelinan, NMC-CREES Program Manager Roxe Lazaro, NMC Business Program’s Karim Johnson, former Rep. William Torres, Council Vice Chairwoman Antonia Manibusan Tudela, and Dr. Yuni Zhao.

SAIPAN and Northern Islands Municipal Council Vice Chairwoman Antonia Manibusan Tudela took the concept of homegrown workforce capacity building to the next level last week by introducing 17th Council No. 16SNMIC-06, requesting  Department of Public Lands Secretary Teresita Santos to designate certain parcels on Saipan for the proposed open concept farmers market under the auspices of the CNMI Farmers Organization in support of homegrown fresh food production locally.

As part of the Northern Marianas College’s efforts to bolster the workforce and provide quality educators for the local community, NMC’s Community Development Institute and School of Education, along with the CNMI Public School System’s Career and Technical Education Program have helped pave the way for numerous high school students looking to become teachers and counselors through its ongoing Teacher Academy Program.