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The week of March 25-29, 2024, marks National Area Health Education Center (AHEC) week, during which Northern Marianas College will highlight its AHEC scholars. These scholars are currently pursuing studies to become registered nurses, aiming to bolster the local healthcare workforce and contribute to the community of CNMI.

Northern Marianas College (NMC) proudly shines the spotlight on Suah Cho Sakisat, a second-year Nursing student, as the featured Area Health Education Center (AHEC) Scholar for 2024 National AHEC Week. 

The AHEC Scholars Program has equipped Suah with the knowledge and experience needed to serve populations in rural and underrepresented areas. Suah has diligently participated in 80 hours of clinical placements and has further solidified her theoretical foundation through 80 hours of comprehensive coursework delving into critical healthcare topics. These topics include Interprofessional Education, Behavioral Health Integration, the Social Determinants of Health, Cultural Competency, Practice Transformation, Virtual Learning and Telehealth, Connecting Communities and Supporting Health Professionals, and staying on top of current and emerging health issues.

With an expected graduation in May 2024, Suah's journey at NMC is marked by her unwavering commitment to a robust healthcare system in our CNMI.

Suah's journey toward a nursing career began with a childhood desire to help others, a sentiment she carried with her into adulthood. It was during a seminar at NMC, while still in high school, that Suah was introduced to the transformative world of nursing. Inspired by the integral role nurses play in healthcare and fueled by her innate passion for aiding others, Suah embarked on her journey to become a nurse.

"Helping others has always been my passion, and nursing seemed like the perfect fit," Suah shared. "The opportunity to make a meaningful difference in someone's life every day is what drives me."

Looking ahead, Suah envisions specializing as an acute care nurse practitioner, with a focus on working in the Emergency Department alongside other dedicated healthcare professionals. Her aspiration to provide acute care reflects her commitment to addressing immediate healthcare needs and ensuring patients receive the highest quality of care during critical moments.

Navigating the demanding nature of the nursing program, Suah has implemented strategies to manage her workload effectively while maintaining a healthy balance. By prioritizing time management, collaboration with peers, and embracing a growth mindset, Suah has found ways to overcome challenges and thrive in her studies.

"I've learned the importance of teamwork and resilience in nursing school," Suah emphasized. "Working together with my peers towards our common goal has made this journey memorable and rewarding."

As she prepares to serve the Commonwealth as a nurse, Suah is committed to dedicating her time to lifelong learning and advocating for underrepresented patients. Her dedication to providing equitable healthcare and serving as an active voice in the community underscores her commitment to improving healthcare access and outcomes for all residents of the CNMI.

"I believe everyone deserves access to quality healthcare, and I am committed to advocating for equal and affordable healthcare for all residents [in the CNMI]," Suah affirmed.

Recognizing the significance of a robust nursing workforce for Saipan, Tinian, and Rota, Suah emphasizes the importance of collaboration and education in addressing healthcare disparities and promoting community well-being.

"The health of our community is paramount, and it's essential to work together to build a robust healthcare system that meets the needs of all residents," Suah highlighted.

As Suah continues her journey toward becoming a registered nurse, her dedication to healthcare and commitment to community well-being serve as a beacon of inspiration to her peers and the broader community.

For more information about NMC Area Health Education Center (AHEC) or the AHEC Scholars Program, please contact (670) 237-6802/6810 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

About the Area Health Education Center Program

Created by Congress in 1971, the Area Health Education Centers program was developed to recruit, train and retain a health professions workforce committed to underserved populations. The AHEC program helps bring the resources of academic medicine to address local community health needs. It is an important part of the nation’s health workforce development infrastructure.