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As a geographic information system (GIS) specialist, Dianne Pablo shines as do many other Northern Marianas College alumni who are contributing toward the development of our islands and making positive impacts on our community.

Having graduated from NMC with an Associate of Science degree in Natural Resource Management, Pablo decided to pursue her education and career even further and now works at the CNMI Division of Coastal Resources Management (DCRM) under the Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality (BECQ), where she manages DCRM’s spatial data and provides analytical support across all sections of DCRM.

“My duties include designing, producing, and managing print and web-based maps and applications that support DCRM’s planning, permitting, and enforcement programs,” she explained. 

“Such applications vary from hazard assessments, marine spatial planning, and climate adaptation, to the tracking development projects and sustainable resource management.”

Pablo decided to pursue this field of work due to the critical significance that natural resources and environmental studies holds within the CNMI, especially as coastal communities act as frontliners in experiencing the impacts of climate change.

“There’s nothing like living in a place that’s environmentally and culturally-rich, since the things you study in the classroom come to life the moment you step out. I wanted to be involved in this, in the most academically-rich yet budget- friendly way,” she said.

During her time at NMC, Pablo stated that some of her adjunct instructors had also worked for various government agencies in the CNMI and were professionals in the natural sciences field. This proved to be a notable advantage due to the fact that she was able to receive academic advice, internship opportunities, and job recommendations within the field she’s passionate about.

“Choosing to attend NMC established this connection and I feel like it would have been much more difficult to do so if I went anywhere else,” Pablo expressed.

“I now work alongside a lot of them which I think is the coolest part about being a graduate of the college.”

After graduating from NMC, Pablo transferred to the University of Alaska Fairbanks as a junior under the Natural Resources and Environment program, where she decided to minor in Geographic Information Science, and earned her Bachelor of Science in 2020.

 After graduating from the University of Utah under the Master of Science Geographic Information Science (MSGIS) program in 2022, she came back to the CNMI right away.

Pablo has been working for BECQ-DCRM since January 2023.

Asked what her advice is to other students, Pablo said she encourages students to be involved.

“There are many opportunities to expand career options and build relationships with your colleagues and instructors,” Pablo said. “There are many people out there willing to help and give advice, and countless resources that can guide you throughout times of cluelessness or even curiosity.”

“Reach out, ask questions, and maximize your time as a student by exploring and trying new things,” Pablo added.