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The latest news from Northern Marianas College

As 2023 came to a close, Northern Marianas College and Joeten-Kiyu Public Library, alongside the family, friends, and local dignitaries, came together to pay tribute to the legacy of Jose C. “Joeten” Tenorio. Recognized as one of the CNMI’s pioneering local entrepreneurs, Joeten's countless contributions to the Commonwealth were celebrated in a heartfelt gathering.

“On behalf of the College, we thank the Joeten family for their continued work in our community. Growing up, all of us had memories of the Joeten store, and it is a testament to the visionary entrepreneurship of Jose C. Tenorio,” said NMC President Galvin Deleon Guerrero.

“We honor the centennial legacy of Jose ‘Joeten’ Camacho Tenorio, a trailblazing entrepreneur whose vision and dedication continue to transform the landscape of the Marianas,” said Library Director Erlinda C. Naputi. “His pioneering spirit and commitment to innovation laid the foundation for generations of local entrepreneurs to follow. His legacy continues to inspire and empower our community. On behalf of the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library, we humbly thank the Joeten family for their continued support and patronage, as we continue to honor Joeten's memory in the establishment that bears his name.”

In the ceremony, NMC and JKPL presented a plaque of appreciation to the Joeten family. Highlighting his humble beginnings as a post-World War II entrepreneur, turning a small grocery store into a multi-million dollar company with many businesses still operational in the present, and contributing to the local workforce.

The Joeten family also donated photos of the late Jose C. Tenorio to the CNMI archives. NMC extends its gratitude for entrusting this collection of records to the archives, where they will be Cataloged, archived, added to the collection, and dutifully preserved. Community members will now be able to use these photographs for their research or leisure purposes.

“Mr. Tenorio was one of the first entrepreneurial juggernauts in the CNMI; he provided opportunities to the local CNMI Workforce,” said CNMI Archivist and NMC Adjunct Instructor Raymond Muna. “Joeten’s legacy continues to remain strong in the CNMI despite many challenges our community has faced throughout our history. His children and grandchildren continue to preserve and continue his entrepreneurial legacy to the CNMI community.”